Peppermill-london specialises in providing payroll and accounting services to UK contract workers across all sectors and professions.

Our products and services may be designed specifically for contract workers, but we view our relationships with recruitment agencies as equally important. We have forged successful relationships with numerous agencies and we pride ourselves that most of those relationships have existed for many years. This can be attributed to the quality of service we offer to both contractors and agencies.

There are a number of reasons why your agency will benefit from using Peppermill-London:

1. First class service and a dedicated account manager

We will assign your agency its own dedicated account manager, providing you with a single point of contact ensuring that you receive top quality service.

2. Tailor made solutions and less administrative burden

Each agency has its own unique needs and requirements and we tailor our service to suit yours. We take responsibility for paying all of your contractors and making the required statutory deductions, saving you both time and effort.

3. Your contract workers receive first class service and become tax efficient

Peppermill-London’s products are designed to assist contract workers become tax efficient. We have products for every type of contractor in the UK across all sectors of the economy.

4. Reliable systems and scalable infrastructure

Peppermill-London has HMRC compliant software ensuring that all statutory deductions are correctly calculated. We also have the necessary systems, infrastructure and staff in place to take on large numbers of contractors without any hassle or disruption.


5. Peace of mind solution

From an agency point of view, Peppermill-London’s most important function is paying your contractors the correct amount, making the required statutory deductions and doing so on time. We have done this consistently for many years providing our current agencies with complete

For a complete list of the services that Peppermill-London provides please see the Our Services section.

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